For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

Do you love sharing Jesus with kids and encouraging families? We are looking for volunteers to help in a wide variety of roles. If you are a behind the scenes person, a  hands-on person, or you love to be up in front of a group, we have  many ways  that you can help. Fill out the application below or talk with one of our group leaders. All people that work with our children must have a background check form filled out to begin.

Volunteer Leaders

Our elementary leaders

 Contact Gina Colley, Linda Grubbs, Amy Ludwig, or Tara Morris to help with our Elementary age kids

our teen leaders

Contact  Brian Grubbs or Scott Perreault to help with our teens.

Serve in our church

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.

You are unique - your gifting, your story, the things that make you come alive. As a follower of Christ, you became the recipient of indispensable gifts... and when the body of Christ is activated using their gifts for God's glory, we unleash  God's power to work in powerful ways in our community and world.
It all starts with YOU. 

lifeline food packing event

join us for a two hour shift to package food for the hungry

This years food packing event will be held at Malvern Christian Church on March 26th. The address is 4046 Coral Rd. NW.  
Please see Terry or Jody Dillon to reserve your time slot. Bring a friend! It's fun.
If you would like to see an example of what they do go to http://www.lifeline.org/Make-An-Impact/Serve/ABC-food-ministry.html. 
There is no fee this year, but they do have some requested items if you would like to donate. Please see the list below. A box will be in the foyer.
Requested Items:
16-18 ox peanut butter,
Gallon Ziploc bags
Infants – Powered formula, small blankets/Afghans, cloth diapers, diaper pins, new outfits 0-24 months, new hats, bibs, booties
School – Construction paper, pads of drawing paper, 70 page, wide ruled spiral notebooks, black/blue pens, 24 count crayons, 12 count color pencils, 12” rulers, small glue sticks, blunt tip scissors, pencil sharpeners, masking tape, tissues, wet wipes, 8 oz.  hand sanitizer
Hygiene – 12 oz. shampoo or conditioner, 5-6 oz. toothpaste, bars of soap, wash cloths, deodorant, razors, feminine pads, hairbrushes/combs

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?

It is a privilege to partner with Christ to expand His kingdom. invest in eternal work, and to ultimately bring HIM glory.  Choose your interest or talent and speak to one of the group leaders or one of our elders if you need help deciding where to volunteer.

How do I volunteer with kids?

If you like working with children, see Gina Colley.

How do I volunteer with music?

Scott Perreault is our worship minister. He handles  the music aspects of our worship times. If you are interested in our praise teams see Scott. If you prefer behind the scenes, Hayden and Amanda handle the sound and video portions of  our services.

How do I volunteer with students?

Our teen leaders are Brian Grubbs and Scott Perreault.

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.