Our ministries

and who to see for more info

Sharon Varner
Curriculum for Sunday morning and Wednesday night classes
Josh Himes
Louisville Youth Fellowship is the teen ministry
Creation Station Kids
Gina Colley
Children's Worship time during second service
Sharon Varner
God's Effective Mature Saints For older people available during the day.
God's Girls
Jen Henderhan
A ministry for girls in middle school
Go & Tell
Tim Keith & Lewis Yoder
Our moving food tent on Monday nights around the city of Louisville
Jerry Weber
If you need someone to talk to, our lay counseling team can give you a safe place to pour it out and help you make decisions based on Biblical principles
Womens Minstries
Linda Blackwell, Tara Morris, Tina Willard
Ladies activities such as prayer brunch, mother/daughter dinners and craft nights are a few examples
Heart of Ohio Diaper Bank
Gina Colley
We distribute diapers to families for the HOODB
Single Moms
Terri Longo, Sandy Glover, Janet Joehlin, Tina Willard
We serve and educate single moms with dinner for their family every Wed. night followed by a lesson
Community Outreach
Laura Yoder, Valerie Ring
We collect and distribute food and gifts to families recommended by the schools for holidays and special events


sheldon in Blueberry Hill, guyana

The Louisville Church of Christ helps to support Sheldon and his family in Blueberry Hill, Guyana. He is the minister at the church there. It is just across the river from Linden.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Our friends, D and G visited from East Asia
Sightseeing, and dinner with friends

Living In A Beautiful Place 

D and G shared with us wonderful stories from East Asia

Encourage those that are in foreign lands

Write an encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.