Thirty Pieces of Silver: Treasure Christ above All

Mar 27, 2022    Brian Grubbs

10:30am - Days before Jesus' is tried as a criminal and crucified on a cross, we have a scene where two totally different individuals respond to who they eleven Jesus to be. The first one blows our minds as to the amazing gift that was given. The second one blows out minds as to how a trade like that could possibly be made. During out exploring of the text, we will be asking ourselves the question, "Which of the two am I mostly like?" If by chance you find yourself like the second person, know that ti be like the first, a heart-change needs to take place.

What have you _____ to give to the ____ of ____?
Would you _____ Jesus for _______?
What _______ do you need to make ____ ____ ____ ____?