Don't Look Back

Feb 20, 2022    Brian Grubbs
In Genesis chapter nineteen, Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed because of their wickedness.
Lot and his family are lead out by two angels to a safe place. If you remember this event you will
also remember that Lot and his family were told to “not look back” and sure enough, someone did. It was
Lot’s wife. The text goes on to say that she turned into a pillar of salt. There are a number of items to
look at from that incident. There was disobedience for one. There also, seemed to be a longing in Lot’s
wife for what was left behind.

Leaving the familiar for what is unknown is pretty hard. The familiar is … well … familiar and we
know what to expect. When JESUS calls us to become His followers, He asks us to leave the familiar and
to press on to what is unknown to us at that time. This is hard. There is nothing easy about this.
In today’s text may we hear the voice of our LORD and SAVIOR and leave whatever needs to be
left behind and press on to what lies ahead.

Biblical Christianity is not: “If You, JESUS, give me what I want I will ___________ and __________

Biblical Christianity is: “Since You are Who You are, I will with ________ follow and serve you.”
Kingdom life is about ____________ and HIS ____________ and HIM inviting us to ___________ HIM.

Be aware of the devil’s ____________, friends.

“You were made by GOD and for GOD and until you _______________ that life will __________
_________ __________.” Paul Washer